Point and Shoot Digital Photography – What Are the Benefits?

With so much new technology entering the marketplace on a daily basis, it can be hard for amateur photographers to decide whether to buy an expensive DSLR camera or a simple point and shoot digital camera.Before making a hard and fast decision it’s helpful to figure out exactly how you’ll be using your camera and how much money you’re willing to part with. Below are some things to consider before you make your purchase.How much money do you want to spend? — If you’re on a tight budget, chances are you’ll want to opt for a good, sturdy point and shoot. On the other hand, if you’re doing well financially, consider one of the high-end DSLR cameras that have recently flooded the market.Do you plan to use your camera to capture stunning landscapes and elegant still-life photos, or will you mostly be photographing your kids on family outings? — If you’ll only be taking family shots or pictures of the pets, it might be best to choose a simple point and shoot model. However, if you want to develop your budding new talent and try to make money from your photos one day, it may be a good idea to make a deeper investment.Do you consider yourself technologically handicapped, or do you get the hang of “new toys” rapidly? — Most people feel they need time to learn new technology; if you’re one from that group, consider a point and shoot to start with and when you have that mastered, upgrade to a DSLR.Most people that have a working knowledge of digital photography coupled with a love for the art form really want a DSLR, but there are some really awesome benefits to owning a point and shoot digital camera as well.First, and perhaps foremost, point and shoot digital photography is extremely simple to master. Most models offer both automatic settings (in which you truly do just point it and shoot it) and programmable settings in which you are able to manipulate shutter speed, white balance settings, and aperture control (among other things) at least to a degree, thereby making awesome digital photos a reality.Second, point and shoot digital cameras are pretty inexpensive. If you adhere to a strict budget or are perhaps a college student, a point and shoot camera can allow you to produce wonderful digital pictures and you can still maintain your finances as well.Third, it’s all about instant accessibility. With a digital point and shoot camera, you can pull it out of your pocket, turn on the power and have an instant memento of any special moment in your life.Fourth, there is post-camera processing. It’s fun! In many ways it’s more fun than taking the actual picture. For computer geeks, it’s the actual ultimate in photographing with creativity. Adobe Photoshop is the image editing software of choice, but there is a mighty free application as well. GIMP is a popular free piece of software that’s loaded with professional features that mimic some of Photoshop’s high-end features.And finally, the fifth benefit is the wealth of creative information available on the web that can help you turn your simple digital images into true works of art. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and GIMP tutorials abound online and nearly all of them are available free of charge. There are also a multitude of photography tips and tricks, and software specific tips and tricks available, too.There are more point and shoot digital camera benefits, of course, but ultimately it’s up to each individual to decide what’s appropriate for their situation.Just think, with a little time online, you can find resources that will make you into an artist.

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